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πŸ‘‹ Welcome to Customer and Organization Management

Customer and Organization Management app allows you to easily collect additional information about your customers and organizations. Designing a short form allows you to define what type of data do you need. This app is not only dedicated to service agents. By the possibility to display form on the Portal, you can engage customers in collecting data!

πŸ— How does it work?

Fully integrated within Jira, global Administrators can build dialog that includes all of the fields they need. This form is available on the Jira Service Management in the customer profile, on the issue in the service project (on the element called 'issue glance'), and in the global overview which shows all customers divided into service projects.

This app is compatible with classic and next-gen service projects.

πŸ”‘ What are the key features of Customer and Organization Management?

Features include:

  • Ability to create a simple dialog for collecting data

  • Support for short text and paragraph field types

  • Possibility to include short description below any field

  • Definition where the field value will be visible and who can modify it

  • A bird's eye view shows a summary of the collected information

πŸ’ͺ What are the key benefits of using Customer and Organization Management?

Key benefits of using Customer and Organization Management include:

  • Improved service agents' work efficiency - Give agents easy access to information about customers. Show all details about the reporter and each participant directly on the issue.

  • Keep the focus on request - Do not switch between Jira and other tools, such as Excel. Speed up ticket resolution by gaining valuable information straightaway.

  • Customers data management - Specify what data you want to collect and how. You can enter them manually as an agent or ask customers to complete their profiles. Keep all agents on the same page with customer details.

  • Organizations data management - Specify what data you want to collect and how. You can enter them manually as an agent.

  • Update client data with a self-service approach - Customers can store additional information on their own. Whenever a mobile phone, manager, or address will change, they can make an update on the Portal view.

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