User story template

This is an example of the user story template that can guarantee your team standardized tickets.

What is a user story?

A user story is nothing else than a written explanation of a software feature but from the perspective of its user. Each feature or product should bring value to end users, and we can check if values appear with user stories.

Ready-to-use user story Jira issue template

Use one template across many project and work with a pattern. Provide all relevant data in every issue and speed up teams' performance. Create one Jira issue template that will reflect end user thinking.

How to create user story Jira issue template?

Fell free to copy our idea for this issue template 🤗

Template name: User story

Summary: User story [product/feature]

Template body:


[Describe here]

Acceptance criteria:

[Describe here]

Any other details:

[Describe here]

You can also define template value for custom fields. Supported custom fields can be found here.

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