Purchase Request Template

Give your employees a purchase request template to speed up a process of collecting needed devices or software.

What is request management?

Request management is the process of receiving, monitoring, and resolving requests for access or services inside your company. Typically, it is the submission, a methodical tracking system, and an organised procedure for managing and completing such requests. This procedure keeps track of the requests and their progress.

Ready-to-use Purchase Request Jira issue template

This template is worth assigning to many project. Add fields that are needed to locate the person, such as office, department, reporter. Let everyone create a uniform shuffle, with all the necessary information to complete the order and deliver, for example, a laptop.

How to create purchase request Jira issue template?

Fell free to copy our idea for this issue template 🤗

Template name: Purchase Request

Summary: Purchase request

Template body:

Requesting order:

Link: insert link here

Explain briefly why you need it:

Manager that approved your request:

You can also define template value for custom fields. Supported custom fields can be found here.

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