New employee onboarding template

Here we provide you HR Jira issue template that can be used during new employee onboarding.

What is the employee onboarding process in HR?

Employee onboarding is a crucial process in Human Resources (HR) that focuses on integrating new employees into an organization. It includes the steps and activities designed to help newcomers become familiar with their roles, the company culture, and the overall work environment.

Employee onboarding Jira issue templates for HR projects

This template is perfect for HR teams, but it also can be assigned for any project where a new employee is going to appear. You can customize the description when you need and enjoy standardized processes. Create a comprehensive onboarding process with one issue template, and don't miss anything.

How to create an employee onboarding Jira issue template?

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Template name: Employee onboarding

Epic: Onboarding [name of new hire/department]

Description: Create a comprehensive plan for onboarding a new team member.


  1. Prepare Onboarding Materials

Description: Description: Ensure all needed contracts are ready for the first day.


  • Sign an employment contract

  • Create a welcome package with company swag

2. Set Up Equipment and Workspace

Description: Prepare hardware and software.


  • Order necessary equipment (laptop, phone, etc.).

  • Prepare the workstation with essential tools and resources.

  • Set up email accounts, and access to internal systems

  1. Schedule Onboarding Sessions

Description: Prepare the agenda for the meeting with the team.


  • Create weekly meeting plan

  • Send out calendar invites to new employees and involved parties.

  1. Orientation phase

Description: Take care of proper company introduction.

  • Prepare presentation slides for HR orientation.

  • Prepare a Confluence page with information on company policies, structure and benefits, and enrollment process.

  1. Training phase

Description: Prepare training sessions and assign a mentor.

  • Gather training knowledge base

  • Assign a coordinator

  1. Assign Onboarding Buddy

Description: Pair the new employee with a seasoned team member to assist with integration and answer questions. Establish regular check-ins for the first few weeks.

You can also define template value for custom fields. Supported custom fields can be found here.

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