Employee offboarding template

Here we provide you HR Jira issue template that can be used any time when an employee resigns, and there is a personnel change.

What is employee offboarding process?

People come, and go! Employee offboarding is a process of managing an employee's departure from your company. It involves many tasks and activities to ensure a smooth transition for both the departing employee and the organization. Despite appearances, offboarding process is as important as onboarding, because it shows company's relationships with others.

Employee offboarding Jira issue templates for HR projects

Create a template with full list of to do's and make sure HR team won't forget about anything during offboarding process. It can be also shared with many projects, so whenever there is a change in personnel, the template will be ready-to-use. Create one Jira issue template, and gain a ready-to-use, reliable checklist of tasks you should perform.

How to create employee onboarding Jira issue template?

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Template name: Employee offboarding

Epic: Offboarding [name of departing employee/department]

Description: Develop a systematic approach for smoothly transitioning departing employees out of the company.


  1. Exit Interview and Documentation

Description: Conduct an exit interview to gather feedback and complete the necessary paperwork.


  • Schedule exit interview with HR.

  • Provide departing employees with necessary documents (exit checklist, non-disclosure agreements, etc.).

  • Return of Company Property

  1. Equipment

Description: Ensure all company-owned equipment and materials are returned.


  • Collect company laptop, phone, keys, access badges, and any other equipment.

  • Confirm the return of all company-owned items and update inventory records.

  1. Access Revocation

Description: Secure company data and systems by revoking access.


  • Disable access to accounts based on the onboarding checklist and later access request

  • Revoke access to third-party platforms and accounts.

  1. Knowledge Transfer and Documentation

Description: Document and transfer necessary knowledge and responsibilities.


  • Identify key tasks, projects, and responsibilities of the departing employee.

  • Document processes and procedures that are specific to the departing employee's role.

  • Assign a point of contact for any questions or support needed after departure.

  1. Farewell Announcement and Transition Support

Description: Notify the team of the departure and facilitate a smooth transition.


  • Draft a farewell announcement email to be sent by HR or the departing employee.

  • Coordinate handover of ongoing projects and responsibilities to other team members.

  • Provide support to the team to ensure continuity and morale.

  1. Offboarding Survey

Description: Gather feedback to improve the offboarding process.


  • Send out an offboarding survey to departing employees to collect feedback on their experience.

  • Analyze survey responses and identify areas for improvement in the offboarding process.

  • Implement any necessary changes based on feedback received.

You can also define template values for custom fields. Supported custom fields can be found here.

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