About Issue Templates Agent for Jira

Learn how to use Jira issue templates. Meet a brief overview of the features and benefits and start using issue templates in your instance.
Get ready-to-copy issue templates for software projects! 🎉
Jira issue templates are the answers for efficient workflow and improvement Jira project management.
Issue Templates Agent for Jira is Codegeist 2022 winner 🎉
Do you want to simplify creating repetitive issues? Is standardized Jira tickets your dream? Are you suffering from clutter and inconsistency in your Jira issues? With Jira issue templates you keep your issues clean and simple.
All you need to do is for the Jira administrator to create a ticket template and each Jira user will be able to use it when creating a new issue.

For what type of issue type can you create a template?

Choose your fighter! You can create:
  • 🟣 epic template
  • 🟢 story template
  • 🔵 tasks template
  • 🔜 subtask template
and all issue types that are defined within the project.

Which Jira projects are supported?

At this moment you can crate Jira ticket templates for :
  • company-managed software projects
  • company-managed business projects

💖 Why people love and use issue templates?

Only three steps are away from improving Jira ticket creation:
  1. 1.
    Create a template in the template library.
  2. 2.
    Use the template when creating a new Jira issue with subtasks, epic or story.
  3. 3.
    Enjoy the order and consistency of Jira tickets, as well as the time saved. Users no longer have to wonder "How to complete this issue?" 🎉
Our app doesn't meet your expectations 100%? Are you missing any functionality? The Issue Templates Agent for Jira is constantly being developed, so we will be happy to learn about your needs and implement new features for our product. Contact us via our customer portal.