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Documentation of Issue Scheduler for Jira Cloud
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👋 Welcome to Issue Scheduler

Issue Scheduler app allows creating issues from templates, based on predefined rules. You can schedule a template or run them when needed. Plan all kinds of repeatable tasks and manage recurring company activities at Jira.

🏗 How does it work?

Fully integrated within Jira, users can create new issues from the template. Templates can be visible only for the template owner (private templates) or for everyone at your organization (public templates). They can also include generic fields (cross-project templates). Tasks based on them are created automatically thanks to scheduling options or manually by simply clicking the Execute button. It is important that templates are not an issue so you do not spam your Jira instance.
Our app is fully integrated within Jira.
  • The configuration is available on the dedicated global page in Jira. You don't leave your instance when setting up and using templates.
  • In our app, just like in Jira, the administrator is the most powerful person. The Issue Scheduler app is fully configurable by Jira administrator. This person has access to all configuration and to all templates created in the current Jira instance. Templates can be created and used by all Jira users but, of course, you can limit it in the configuration. I'll talk about it in more detail when I'm configuring the template.
  • We respect Jira configuration:
    • Projects and Issue Types: You can create templates for all of them. This app is compatible with all project types: Business (when you use Jira Work Management), Software (when you use Jira Software), and Service (when you use Jira Service Management). What is worth emphasizing: the app works both in company- and team-managed projects.
    • Screens: When you select Project and Issue type on the Create template screen, you see all fields which are configured for the Create issue screen for selected issue type. We will follow these fields carefully when configuring the template.
    • Permissions: If you don’t have Browse project, you can’t create a template for this project. If you don't have Assignable User, in the template you cannot set that the created issue from template will be assigned to you. If you don’t have Schedule issues, you can’t set Due date in the template. And so on. We respect all permissions.

🔑 What are the key features of the Issue Scheduler?

Features include:
  • Three types of templates: private, public, and cross-project
  • Scheduling templates using simple scheduler or CRON expression
  • Possibility to run templates manually
  • A bird's eye view shows a list of the templates

💪 What are the key benefits of using the Issue Scheduler?

Key benefits of using Issue Scheduler include:
  • Easy creation process - Do not waste time on creating repeatable tasks over and over again. Define your template using a simple wizard.
  • Template management - All templates are at your fingertips in the global view.
  • Reduce the risk of mistake - Make sure all recurring tasks will be created and assigned properly. The chance to forget about some basic information is decreasing.
  • Schedule your (and others) work - Create private templates which can be used by the author. If you see that your template can help other team members, share it with them by setting it as public.
  • Forget about forgetting - Use scheduling as a building calendar for future issues. Automate the process of creating periodical issues.

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