Use saved values in JQL

This page describes how to search for values using JQL

Multilevel Select for Jira provides a dedicated JQL searcher that lets you search for issues which include a filled multilevel select custom field. It works slightly different in comparison with regular select or cascading select custom fields. Each level has its representation in JQL.

This searcher can be used in any place in Jira where using JQL is available: in the Issue Navigator, in a Saved Filter, as an Agile Board query, etc.

For more information about JQL searching, see the official Atlassian documentation on Advanced Searching and Advanced Searching Functions.

To find issues which include a multilevel select custom field, enter: "[customfield_name]" or "[customfield_name].levelX", where X is the number of level.

In the advanced view in the Issue Navigator JQL autocomplete works only for values which have already been saved on issues. If an option is added in the configuration but is not yet selected on any issue in Jira, the autocomplete will not suggest it.

If the option still fails to suggest despite appearing on the issue, check if JQL autocomplete is set to ON in the configuration. As a Jira administrator, go to the System > General configuration > JQL Auto-complete.


Let's look at the multilevel select custom field called "Provide your country". Its structure is shown below.

Provide your country

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3




San Jose









Below are examples of how to search for issues depending on the values entered in the multilevel select custom field.



"Provide your country.level1" = USA

Search for issues where USA is selected on the first level

"Provide your country.level2" = Florida

Search for issues where Florida is selected on the second level

"Provide your country.level1" = Europe and "Provide your country.level2" = Italy

Search for issues where Europe is selected on the first level and Italy on the second level

"Provide your country.level3" = Fresno

Search for issues where Fresno is selected on the third level

"Provide your country.level3" != Fresno

Search for issues where on the third level is different value than Fresno (additionally, the third level must have any value)

"Provide your country" ~San

Search for issues which contains a word 'San' on any level

Provide your country is EMPTY

Search for issues where custom field is empty

Provide your country is not EMPTY

Search for issues which contains at least one value in the custom field

You can create up to 7 levels for each multilevel select custom field. This limitation is due to performance issues.

Forge custom field searcher

In case of any issues with JQL, check if the proper searcher is set for the multilevel select custom field. The valid option is Forge custom field searcher.

🐾 Steps

  1. Go to Issues > Custom fields.

  2. Find a multilevel select custom field which you want to configure.

  3. Click Edit details.

4. Check Search template.

👉 Next steps

Let's check how to save searching as a filter and use it on the dashboard.

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