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Documentation of Multilevel Select for Jira Cloud
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👋 Welcome to Multilevel Select for Jira

The Multilevel Select for Jira app provides a new custom field for Jira cloud. It allows you to create a cascading select field on several levels (standard cascading only offers two levels).
Multilevel Select can be edited on every screen in Jira

🔑 Key features of Multilevel Select for Jira

Features include:
  • Use it like any other field in Jira
Fill in the field when creating an issue - it works on the Create issue screen. Present values on the issue and edit them as a classic custom field. A field like any other in Jira, and at the same time unique.
  • Configure it in a simple and intuitive way
Create a cascade of options up to seven levels. Set the default value for every level. Disable options if you no longer need them but you don't want to lose data. With lots of options to add, use Bulk add to save time.
  • Enhance reporting of values from our custom field
Use dedicated JQL for searching. Save searches as a filter and display it as a dashboard gadget. Using REST API, get the values from the field for further analysis. If you want, export issues included this field. Our custom field is also compatible with eazyBI reports.

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