Read how to use presets to speed up merging issues

Presets are templates, thanks to which you can save selected fields to be merged and use them multiple times.

How to add presets


1. Choose Settings (cog icon) > Apps

2. Select Issue Merger Pro > Presets

3. Click "Create new" button

4. In "Name" text field write unique name for preset

5. In "Select fields" droplist choose at list one field

6. Confirm configuration by clicking button "Save"

On that page you can find "Create new" button. Below you can find table which containt date like name, fields and actions.

Create new

  • This button allows you to create new preset. To create new preset you must add at list one field and name. Name must be unique for every preset.


  • name - this column contains name of created preset. All presets are arranged by its creation time.

  • fields - this column contains fields which are part of preset.

  • actions - this column contains actions that you might perform on created preset. You can edit name and fields of created preset by clicking on the pen icon or delete it by clicking on bin icon.

In case when you did not have any presets created there will be displayed one preset which is an example preset named Standard.

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