About ITSM Reports

Documentation of ITSM Reports - Charts, Graphs and Dashboard Gadgets for Jira Service Management

Welcome to ITSM Reports 👋

This app provides you a powerful service desk report that supports you in business decision-making and monitors your team's performance.

🔑 Key features

Features included:
​Assignee - Average CSAT – to monitor customer satisfaction rate and analyze agents' performance.
​SLA - % Met – to gain insights into your team workflow and eliminate bottlenecks.
​Request distribution - displays when tickets are created during the day. It can help to allocate agents more efficiently.
​Request channel type - displays from what source the tickets come.
​Organization size - displays the distribution of customer counts by organization.
​Assets Structure – to watch how assets are distributed.

🚀 What are the main benefits of using ITSM reports?

  • Unique service desk data for supporting business decisions
  • Easy to analyze charts and diagrams in native Jira dashboards, so no extra configurations
  • Agents’ scoring that leads to improved customer support and your team results,
  • Better insights on your team performance, even in many projects
  • Time efficiency with already analyzed and ready-to-present data at hand
  • Eliminating bottlenecks and workflow issues
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