Time Tracking for non-agents

Time tracking for non-angents is one of the Jira Service Management extrensions for Jira Service Management. Check out how to enable it for all users with Browse permission on JSM projects.

Unlike the standard configuration in Jira Service Desk, our app enables simple time tracking for non-agent users. It allows them to log their work on service desk issues, for example, developers who rather aren't Jira Service Desk agents but spend a lot of time investigating a problem.

A non-agent user can log work (Time Spent), select Date Started, and type a Work Description (optional field).

The following conditions must be met for this feature to work correctly:

  • Default Time Tracking in Jira is enabled. You can check it in the Administration > Issues > Issue Features: Time Tracking.

  • A non-agent user has Browse Project permission for a particular service desk project.

The Work On Issues permission is not respected. Moreover, the non-agent user is unable to edit or delete work logs.

This feature doesn't allow to log work within the Tempo app.

How to enable Time Tracking on the service desk portal?


For all of the following procedures, you must be logged in as a user with the Jira Administrator's global permission.

  1. Log in to your Jira instance

  2. Choose cog icon βš™οΈ > Manage Apps

  3. Select Feature Bundle > Utils

  4. Select Time Tracking

  5. Set the state of Enable for non-agent users to switch to ON

Result πŸŽ‰

Simple Time Tracking has been enabled. When non-agent users are on the issue, Log Work is available under the Summary.

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