Amazon delivery use case: Improved Jira Ticket Tracking

This is how you can show your customers what the stage of request is.

Ensure your customers have visibility into their Jira tickets with comprehensive tracking displayed directly on the customer portal.

It's crucial for both external customers and internal employees like Tom, a graphic designer, who might urgently need a new laptop but find the current status inadequate in providing sufficient progress details on his request.

By implementing a transparent Jira ticket tracking system, you enhance customer satisfaction and provide clear insights into the progress of their requests.

Here are the steps agents should take:

  1. Workflow Configuration: Admin Greg configures the workflow for specific request types, like Amazon orders.

  2. Request Steps Configuration: Greg customizes request steps in the Feature Bundle settings, creating clear stages with meaningful names and descriptions.

  3. Visual Consistency: Each step's panel is customized with consistent colors to match the portal's appearance.

  4. Detailed Tracking: When Tom creates a ticket for a new laptop, he can see a detailed panel displaying the entire process his request will undergo.

  5. Automation for Updates: Greg sets up automation rules to add public ticket comments when they reach specific statuses, ensuring customers are automatically updated on their request's progress. The description field for each status provides additional context and clarifies responsibilities.

The benefits are numerous:

  • Real-time Updates: Customers like Tom stay informed about their ticket's progress in advance.

  • Enhanced Support: Customers feel supported and have clear information about their request's current stage.

  • Self-Service Empowerment: This approach fosters self-service options, allowing customers to find answers independently.

  • Transparent Communication: Detailed information about each status is provided, ensuring transparency.

  • Efficient Agents: With comprehensive status updates available, agents can focus on addressing actual issues rather than fielding status-related inquiries.

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