Access Configuration

Keep your queues in order, and make sure your customers will submit a request in correct portal and request type.

With this feature, you can dynamically hide request types or entire portals. This is useful when some request types or projects are sensitive and you don't want to show them to all users.

📚 Use case: Request types for internal uses

What is the request type?

A Jira request type is a predefined category or classification used to organize and categorize service requests based on their nature or purpose, facilitating efficient management and resolution within the Jira Service Management platform. It helps streamline submitting, tracking, and resolving various requests, such as IT support tickets, bug reports, or feature requests.

What is a customer portal?

The Jira portal is an online interface where users can submit service requests, report incidents, and access IT support services within the Jira Service Management platform. The customer portal serves as a centralized hub for users to interact with the support team, track the progress of their requests, and access relevant resources and information.

Now, let's talk about how to limit visibility for groups that should exactly see request types and even whole portals.

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