Configuration overview

Do you wish for one place where you can estimate the size of your service desk projects? This page describe how to do it by generating a report for JSM project.

The configuration overview helps estimate the size of the Jira Service Desk projects. This information can be helpful when migrating projects or Jira instances. They allow you to estimate the labor intensity and costs of doing so. In addition, a summary of project configurations is important in the maintenance process and in optimizing their size.

The formats in which you can obtain a summary:

  • HTML - after choosing a project

  • PDF - after clicking Export to PDF

  • REST API - GET http://localhost:8080/rest/jsdutils/1.0/overview/{pid}

To get a summary via REST API, you have to be a user with the Jira Administrators global permission. Additionally, with app’s evalution license some data may not be displayed.

A Summary table presents the following information (per project):

  • Total number of groups

  • Total number of Request Types (which are not hidden)

  • The average number of fields in Request Type

  • Total number of SLA metrics

  • Total number of goals

  • Total number of calendars

How to generate a summary of service desk project?

Steps 🐾

For all of the following procedures, you must be logged in as a user with the Jira Administrators global permission.

  1. Log in to your Jira instance

  2. Choose cog icon ⚙️ > Manage Apps

  3. Select Feature Bundle > Configuration overview

  4. Select Jira Service Desk project for which you want to check a summary

  5. Click Export to PDF to save results. The file will be saved in the following format: ProjectName_ProjectKey.pdf.

Result 🎉

A summary of the selected service desk project has been generated.

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