Use template to create issue

Creating new tasks in Jira using the app


Manual clicking can be tiring and ineffective when you have a dozen or several dozen issues to create, the same ones every week or month. For these recurring tasks, the possibility of scheduling the creation of issues comes in handy.

When creating a template, you can define when automatically tickets will be created based on it. A detailed description of scheduling options can be found on this page.

It’s configurable for every private or public template.


On the list, you can simply click on the icon and execute the template. The“execute” means that the new issue using this template is created in your Jira. The manual creation of issues is available whenever the template is active and not expired.

The manual creation doesn't have any impact on the template execution calendar..

In the case of cross-project templates, only manual execution is available. After clicking the icon, a screen appears where you choose in which project and about which issue type the issue should be created from the selected template. You can also define Reporter and Assignee. This difference is due to the fact that you don't define these values when creating a template of this type - it should be generic and easy to reuse in various projects.

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