Get started

First steps with app

Our app is always available from the top navigation in the App dropdown - for you - administrator - and for other Jira users. After clicking Issue Scheduler, a new page opens. This is only place provided by our app. Here, you can find three sections:

  • Get started page - which is useful if itโ€™s your first time with our app.

  • Templates - where all templates are collected: you can create new ones, modify current templates, and use them to create new issue in Jira.

  • History - Itโ€™s an Audit log. You can check what happened with the templates, whether they created, modified or deleted. It is also an essential place to track errors when creating an issue from templates.

Pay attention to the icon in the lower right corner. After clicking, you have access to the chat with our support. We're always happy to help you, so don't be shy to write to us.

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