Relative Due date

Shift due date on template execution

The Due date field has dedicated support on templates. It can be a fixed or dynamically calculated date.

🐾 Steps

  1. On the create or edit page seek out a due date field. Make sure the Due date is added to the associated screen

  2. Select one of the three options for the Due date (Look at the table below)

  3. Save changes on the template

Relative due date type



Specific date

For example 25/Mar/21


The Date calculation based on the create issue date and provided shift. Valid values are: m (represents minute(s)), h (hour), w (weeks).

For example: "1w" means "Created date plus 1 week").

Next Execution Time

Date of the next execution.

For manual trigger type, nothing will be set.

🎉 Result

When the issue is created from template, a Due date is set depending on the settings from template.

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