Execution history

Check what is happening with the templates
As a Jira administrator, you have access to logs of every template run performed by any user in the section called History. There can be a lot of logs, especially if our users use the app very actively. Fortunately, we have options here that will allow us to filter out the results. With a detailed description of all events you can find in the table.
Users without Jira administrator also have access to History tab, however they will be able to see logs of their actions only.


  1. 1.
    Click on the Apps in the top bar, choose Issue Scheduler
  2. 2.
    Switch to the History tab from the left menu
  3. 3.
    Use provided filters to narrow events results:
  • User: one or more with whom a given activity is related, for example creating a template
  • Date range from which you need the logs
  • The name of the template and its description
  • Actions, for example create a template and error when creating an issue


All events that match search filters are presented. Only events from templates available to the current user will be shown.

Events type

Below you can find an explanation of all events type in the Scheduled Templates app.
Event type
A template job has been unscheduled.
A new issue from the template has been created.
A new template has been scheduled.
A new template has been created.
An error occurred during issue creation.
A template has been enabled.
A template has been disabled.
All planed issues have been created. No new issue will be created automatically.
A job trigger has been changed.

Export to CSV

The entries in the table can be exported to a CSV file. Click Export logs to CSV in the upper right corner. If you have any problem with our app, attach this file when submitting a ticket - it will help us find the source of the problem faster.
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