Global settings

Global settings have an impact on all merges done by any Jira user. To adjust settings to your needs, follow the below steps

Global settings don't impact Auto-merge.

🐾 Steps

  1. Choose Settings (cog icon) > Apps

  2. Select Issue Merger Pro > Configuration

On that page, you can see three tabs. The first tab relates to merging settings. The second one applies merge issues screen. Third relates actions after merge.

Merging settings

  • Project roles - this field limit merge feature to selected project roles. When this field is empty all of users will be able to change.

  • Target issue status - this field limit target issues to issues only in this particular status. When this field is empty all targe t issues will be able to merge.

  • Comment merge mode - here you can find possibility to make restrictions for comment merging. You can choose what kind of comment you want to merge and define visibility of this.

  • Projects - Here you can choose projects where merge functionality will be available. Leave empty to apply to all projects.

Merge issues screen

  • Merge also - here you can choose fields that will be easy accessible for users. We recommend that you choose the most frequently merged ones. When you will chose fields to this inline it will disappear from inline "Select fields to merge".

  • Actions after merge - here you are able to set actions which will be available after merging. Options should be available in the dialog after you set them.

Actions after merge

  • Link issues - When set, merged issues will be automatically linked to each other. One will be set on source issue(s). The opposite link will be set on target issue.

  • Add comment to source issue - here you can write custom comment which be added to source issue after successful merge.

  • Add comment to target issue - here you can write custom comment which be added to target issue after successful merge.

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