Escalation and Jira queue management

How to edit Jira ticket? How to escalate ticket and why is it important? Read about Jira queue management.

Enabling customers to elevate Jira tickets facilitates excellent customer service and expedites the resolution of urgent tickets. Through the use of this self-service strategy and the effective use of escalation, we have observed increased customer happiness, improved transparency, and efficient workflow. This particular implementation has revolutionized our support system, allowing us to swiftly identify and prioritize urgent cases, ensuring that they receive immediate attention from our dedicated support agents.

The flow in 5 steps – How the Jira ticket escalation process should work

  1. John is our app user, and the system has crashed. He created a new ticket to report the bug.

  2. Upon creating the request, John notices a prominent banner providing information on escalating an issue to underline its importance. Recognizing the urgency of his current ticket, John clicks on the Escalate button, effectively indicating that this particular request requires immediate action.

  3. By clicking the Escalate button, John successfully changed the ticket's priority from medium to critical, and its status is now officially "escalated." This modification is crucial as it helps prioritize the ticket and ensures it receives immediate attention from the support team.

  4. From the agent's perspective, we see the Escalated status on the issue, and they know to prioritize it. Moreover, we have a unique escalated queue where all urgent issues are stored.

  5. A customer sees on the portal additional information about the Assignee (it's clear who the agent is), resolution date, attachments, and priority set by an agent.

Why is it worth it? – Benefits of the Jira escalate button

  • Improved Urgency Management: The Escalate button provides a simple yet effective way for users like John to communicate the urgency of a particular issue. This feature enables support teams to quickly identify and address critical cases, avoiding any unnecessary delays in resolution.

  • Enhanced Transparency: With the workflow and status updates clearly visible to users, there is increased transparency in issue tracking and resolution. John can stay informed about the progress of his escalated ticket, giving him peace of mind that the matter is being handled appropriately.

  • Efficient Agent Workflow: When a ticket is escalated, support agents can immediately identify it in a special Escalated queue. This segregation ensures that urgent cases receive prompt attention, preventing them from being buried among regular requests.

  • Improved Collaboration: The Escalate button not only changes the ticket status but also adds a comment under the issue, detailing who made the escalation and when it occurred. This additional information fosters collaboration between users and support teams, as everyone is aware of the actions taken on the ticket.

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