Additional values on the customer portal - incident management

Enrich service desk portal with additional values to create a knowledge hub for your customers.

By displaying additional values like linked issues on the customer portal's request details view, we enhance incident management processes, facilitate transparent communication, and empower customers to actively participate in resolving their reported issues.

The agent's workflow in 3 steps - display linked issues on the Jira customer portal

Mark, a customer, encountered an issue while using our application and submitted a support request through the customer portal. As he navigates to view the details of his request, he notices additional information regarding linked issues.

  1. Incident Submission: Mark submits a support request detailing the issue he encountered, such as a bug or functionality error. This initiates the incident management process within our support system.

  2. Linked Issues Display: Upon viewing the details of his support request on the customer portal, Mark notices a section displaying linked issues. Here, he sees any related incidents, tasks, or bugs associated with his initial request. So, he already knows that it is part of something bigger.

  3. Mark doesn't text or call his agent to ask when the bug will be resolved because he sees the status of the linked issue and relation.

Why is it worth it? – Benefits of displaying additional fields on service desk portal

  • Enhanced Visibility: Displaying linked issues gives customers like Mark greater visibility into the status and context of their reported incidents.

  • Efficient Collaboration: Customers and support teams can collaborate more effectively by referencing linked issues and coordinating efforts to resolve related problems.


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