Use cases

This page describes some examples of information that you can collect about Customer and Organization Management.

🧐 Additional information about customers, such as:

  • Company name (short text),

  • Phone number (short text),

  • Department (dropdown),

  • Preferrable contact (Checkbox with option: via email, via phone, via Skype, etc.),

  • Work location (paragraph),

  • DOB (date),

  • Additional Email (email)

👩🏻‍💻 Extra attributes about organizations:

  • Legal name (short text),

  • Email contact (email)

  • Website to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Teams (link),

🌟 Possibility to add notes about the customer by service agents:

  • participation in the premium support program,

  • difficulties with communication, long waiting time for a reply,

  • link to the Confluence page which collects all information about the company represented by this customer,

  • preferrable contact hours (based on experience from previous tickets), etc.

We recommend adding a field called "Support notes" and make it visible only on the Issue View. The customer doesn't have access to this information 🤫

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