List of frequently asked questions with answers

Where is the collected data stored?

Customers' data is stored on Heroku Postgress. No data about issues, projects, or users are stored except for their associated IDs so that Customer and Organization Management app can know its relationship to them. Security of hosted data is provided by our hosting provider which applies security best practices. Details about security measures put in place by Heroku are available here.

We also participate in the Atlassian Marketplace security programs:

Who can see and edit the entered data?

By default, only Jira administrators have access to the app. You can modify it using global permissions provided by our app. Read more in Permissions.

Can I import data from external resources?

Yes, we offer the possibility to import (as well as export) data from CSV files. It allows you to upload data from other services. Also, there is an alternative to update customer and organization attributes in bulk.

Who can create a form?

The form can be created by the user who has got a Customers & Organizations Configuration Permission provided by our app.

Can this data be retrieved using JQL?

You can use this data in JQL if you copy app' values to custom fields. It's possible thanks to the Copy values post function.

What about the data, if I delete the field and there are already entered values?

Values from removed* fields are still available in the customer profile, on the issue in the service project, and in the global overview. The Jira admin and service agents can still edit these values. If you remove the value in the field, the field is removed for this customer and it's no longer available.

*removed from the form

Are you planning a version for the Data Center?

Yes, this app is available for Jira Service Management Data Center. You can find documentation here.

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