Gather data from customer

Prepare data form for customers

Sometimes kindly asking customers to provide data can be not enough. You can enable the option to force Portal visitors to provide data.

To do that, go to Forms page. In the Display fill data info dialog for customer field, you can choose one of the below options.

Until available fields have values

Ask for data dialog will be displayed to all customers until they provide values to all fields. This option is selected by default.

Once until the form is changed

Ask for data dialog will be displayed once for each form modification.


Ask for data dialog will not be displayed in any situation. With this option, customers can provide data in the profile only.

If the JQL is met on the Request View

Ask for data dialog will be displayed if the JQL (e.g. Status = open) is met on Request view

On the window, customers will see all fields available on the Customer Portal. Below you can see how the Ask for data windows could look like.

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