Copy values post function

This page describes a post function which allows to copy data between two fields type: provided by Jira and available in our app.

Customer and Organization Management for Jira Service Management provides an additional post function named Copy values. This post-function allows you to copy data from Customer and Organization Management fields to Jira custom fields and vice versa. This configuration bases on the field values collected for the Reporter profile.

In the table below, you can find what Jira custom field types can be mapped to Customers and Organizations Management fields.

Jira custom fieldsCustomers and OrganizationsfieldsAdditional information

Jira custom fields

Customer Details fields (for customers and organizations)

  • Text field (single line)

  • Short Description

  • Paragraph

  • Rich Text

  • Link

  • Number

  • Email

  • Text field (multi line)

  • Paragraph

  • Rich Text

  • Select List

  • Dropdown

Options on both sides have to be the same.

  • Checkbox

  • Checkbox

Options on both sides have to be the same.

  • Date Picker

  • Date

You can choose from fields related to reporter or organization. When you choose from organization fields, make sure the reporter belongs to the organization you want to copy values from.

🐾 Steps

1. Select the workflow you’d like to update and click Edit

2. Click on the transition to which you'd like to add a post function

3. Settings are available depending on the workflow mode:

  • Diagram: Open Post Functions settings from the right-hand side menu

  • Text: Go to the Post Functions tab

4. Click Add post function

5. Select Customers & Organizations - Copy Values post function

6. Click Add

7. Configure the post function:

  1. Click Add mapping

  2. Select custom field from Jira which will be the source

  3. Select field from Customers and Organizations Management configuration which will be the target

You can change the mapping direction by clicking the arrow between select lists. Thanks to this action you can copy values from Customers and Organizations Management field to Jira custom field.

8. Click Add to save changes

9. Remember to Publish the changes you've made in the workflow

🎉 Result

New Copy Values post function is added to your workflow.

1️⃣How to change copy direction?

By default, post-function copy values from the app field into custom fields. If you want to copy the value in opposite direction, click on the arrow for specific mapping.

2️⃣How to restrict post-function execution for selected request types?

To do that, click on the Show conditions section and select Project and request types for which the post-function will not work.

3️⃣How to debug post function?

To do that, click on the "Add a comment to the issue about problems with post function execution", this will allow you to see any problems during the process.

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