App Settings

Here you can provide mappings that will be used to pre-populate field values on the create issue screen. You can trigger the screen by clicking "Create issue" in People section.

Mapping allows user to add selected values autimatically while creating issues in the People section.

To access Create Issue setting you must have Customers & Organizations Configuration Permission.

🐾 Steps

  1. Click on the Apps in the top navigation, choose Customers and Organizations

  2. Select App Settings in the left panel

  3. Click on "Create Issue"

  4. Select fields from Customers and Organizations app

  5. Select field from Jira

  6. Click on Save button

  7. Mapping is added

🐾 Steps for creating issue

  1. Click on Customers tab

  2. Navigate your cursor to Customer of your choice

  3. Click on Create Issue (this will show after hovering cursor over the Customer name)

  4. Select Project

  5. Click on Create

Remember that fields selected while creating the mapping must be added to Request Type screens, otherwise values won't apply.

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