This page describes permission within the app.

To have access to the Design a form or Manage data pages, a user has to have access to the Customer Details app. There are two types of Permissions on Customer and Organization Management app: Customers and Organizations Browse Permission - with this permission, user is able to view and manage collected data about customers and organizations.

Customers and Organizations Configuration Permission - with this permission, user is able to manage forms and app settings. By default, these permissions are granted only to Jira administrators.

If you don't see the Customer Details app in the Apps menu in the top bar, it means you don't have Customers and Organizations Browse Permission global permission. Please contact your Jira administrator for help.

To grant access to the app for other groups of users, follow the below steps.

🐾 Steps

  1. Go to the Settings > System

  2. Click on the Global permission

  3. Find the Customers & Organizations Browse Permission and Customers & Organizations Configuration Permission add user groups based on your needs

  4. Let users know so they can enjoy the app :)

Browse users and groups permission is required to proper display the data on the issues.

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