About Content Template Macro

A short overview about the app

πŸ‘‹ Welcome to Content Template Macro

Content Template Macro app saves Confluence users time. With global and space templates, you can enhance Confluence features and give your users the possibility to use them, making their work easier. Don't worry about the correctness of repetitive formulas (for example, warnings or permission information). Stop wasting time on making corrections to these texts on each page separately. Now just paste the appropriate template on the page and its edition is in one place.

πŸ”‘ What are the key features of Content Template Macro?

Features include:

  • Possibility to create templates for the content which can be added to the page

  • Defining templates to use everywhere (global templates) or only in some spaces (space templates)

  • Two editor modes: classic, as a WYSIWIG editor, and HTML

  • Using prepared templates as a macro by Confluence users

πŸ’ͺ What are the key benefits of using Content Template Macro?

Key benefits of using Content Template Macro include:

  • Full control over templates - Confluence global and space administrators can create templates. They cannot be edited by other people, so they sound the same everywhere.

  • Consistent documentation cross pages and spaces - Select a predefined template to use and insert it on the page. Repetitive instructions, boxes with warnings, notes about permissions... Every technical writer at the company will be grateful to you!

  • Wide formatting possibilities - In the editor, use the WYSIWIG editor and HTML. It extends your possibilities to create custom buttons or embed YouTube videos, or Google Maps.

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